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The International 





Sound Therapy.

Mission Statement

The Association defines the field of Sound Therapy to include but not limited to, any application or use of sound to affect change in the human organism.

The purpose of the International Association is to provide the public with the following resources

1. A directory of Sound Therapy Systems/Techniques, published in a standardized format to allow easy comparison.

2. A directory of worldwide Practitioners, Schools, Teachers, and Centers offering Sound Therapy sessions, classes, or courses.  

3. Educational information about sound and how it affects the human organism. 

4. A calendar of worldwide Sound Therapy events

5. Certificates for completion of member system courses

The Association publishes submitted as well as generic information regarding different techniques in Sound Therapy, using a standardized format to allow easy comparisons between techniques/systems. 

Members are organized into categories as follows;

Participating members;
Associate members;
    Students of participating members
    General public expressing interest in Sound Therapy

Applicants for participating memberships submit information about their system/technique by filling out the appropriate forms. Click 'join the association' to view the forms for publication. There are no membership fees. All information will be published using similar formats. Direct links, to whatever contact information is supplied to the Association, will be published. There is no intention to exclude anyone in Sound Therapy or related fields, but at the same time, the Association is not responsible to find all possible applicants.

Part of the site will be dedicated to educational information about sound therapy and how sound affects the human organism. The information provided will be chosen to cover a broad range of therapies. The association will endeavor to publish information about studies and research now in progress which will lead to new techniques and greater depth of knowledge in this field. In this educational section submitted articles will also be published.

Students of participating members may request certificates of completion issued by the Association. There is a nominal fee to the students for this service. Please email moreinfo  'at'   soundtherapyassociation.org  for current price information. 

The Association will set standards of testing to aid individuals/organizations in creating information that is verifiable by others and is comparable to other methods/systems etc. These standards will be updated as new methods become available. In some cases the Association will provide facilities for those wishing to have the testing done by an unbiased source. Fees for this service apply.

This Association is not run for profit, it is a public service.

moreinfo  'at'   soundtherapyassociation.org